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The party has six members: Eva, Sergh, Mariika, Rez, Delaida, and someone known only as O.

The player characters (PCs) first found themselves in a square dungeon room filled with adventuring gear. After tinkering with the gear for a while and trying to discover (as if for the first time) what they were capable of doing with that gear, they forced down a stone slab and encountered some goblin miners.

A battle ensued, and the PCs made short work of the goblins, with Mariika’s bowshots doing considerable damage to the foes. One of the dead goblins had an Elven rune (signifying a bird of prey) tattooed on his arm. The goblins had no treasure to speak of. After inspecting the room, the PCs went into an adjacent room—a bugbear kitchen.

Some members of the party (notably Rez Duersten) fought in the hallway with the bugbears, killing one of them. But that took quite a while, and there were many more bugbears remaining in the kitchen, so Rez finally beat a retreat back into the mining operation. The Bugbears did not follow.

While inspecting the mine shaft itself, the floor gave way beneath Rez and another PC, dropping him into a shallow underground stream. The rest of the PCs lowered themselves into the stream and began to follow it. They came to a chasm, at which point the stream dropped into an unknown depth. On the other side of the chasm was a dry tunnel. Delaida cast spider climb to go to the far side of the chasm, tied a rope to a stalagmite, and tossed the other end of the rope across, so that each PC could swing across. They all made it safely.

Further down the passage, they encountered what turned out to be an unoccupied cave. The cave was strewn with debris and feathers and smelled stale. A search turned up a couple dozen gold coins and a dagger (pocketed by Rez?). O said, “harpies.”

He was right: further down the passageway, the PCs heard the most beautiful singing. Rez (is this correct?) was charmed by the sounds and ran into a cavern ahead of the party. Not only a harpy, but an ogre awaited him. As the beasts attacked, the PCs counterattacked to save their friend. The dispatched the harpy first, and then Sergh took care of the ogre after O enlarged him and with the ogre distracted by Eva’s audible glamer spell and enfeebled by O’s ray of enfeeblement. The cave held some treasure: various coins and gems, as well as a small painting on a wood panel: a woman’s face on gold leaf background, her head surrounded by green frogs lying on their backs with their tongues hanging out. Sergh felt as though he’d seen this image before.

After this encounter, the PCs made it to the mouth of the cave, which is in the middle of a lightly-forested hillside. They saw snow falling, and a thin plume of smoke coming from somewhere in the valley below them.

The plume of smoke was coming from a small manor house sitting within some pasture land. As the party approached, they were greeted at first without much hospitality by the owner of the house, Inban Carminara, who fired a warning shot from his crossbow. After the heroes identified themselves (and Inban recognized Eva as Evaliina), they were invited in for the night.

Their sleep was interrupted by a bugbear raid, which they successfully warded off. As a reward for their help, Inban gave the party a weathered map of the Kingdom of Valusia. After another day’s rest, the party headed out for more populated areas, taking to the road leading to the nearest village, Aragron.

When they arrived, Aragron’s winter festival was in full swing. Party members took part in a variety of games of skill, some earning success and laurels, some not. Sergh won the lying contest, and O won the spelling bee.

After a short stay in Aragron, the party headed further down the road toward King’s Port, where presumably, they would find out more about their own histories. Near a small creek crossing, they encountered an overturned sleigh, with the bodies of people and horses lying around it. As they inspected the wreckage, they were ambushed by ice trolls and winter wolves. Once again, though, the party turned aside the threat.

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